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Blackberry Cupcakes

S E T   S I G N A T U R E   F L A V O U R S

These set signature flavours showcase an array of decadent, delicious cakes - each one designed to look exactly like it's flavour! These combinations are some of my most requested. They meld FUN with both delicious flavour profiles and gorgeous designs.


*All flavours can be made in both cake / cupcake form. Please note that no modifications will be applied to set signature cakes/cupcakes. Please inquire for pricing*



A delicious vanilla cake sponge with a shortbread cookie crumb at the base of every layer. In between each layer, you will find rich chocolate buttercream and caramel drizzle. And of course, this baby is covered in that same choco buttercream, topped with more shortbread cookie crumble and drizzled with extra caramel for good measure!


This beautiful vanilla cake has an insanely light yet delicious whipped vanilla cream and fresh strawberries in between each layer and is covered in our amazing strawberry buttercream. Topped with fresh strawberries and a chocolate drip (your choice of white or milk chocolate), it will absolutely be one of your faves!

Screen Shot 2024-04-02 at 6.57.55 PM.png


One of the most popular flavours of all time - BISCOFF. This bad boy is a vanilla based cake with lotus biscoff cookies baked into the sponge, filled with a biscoff buttercream, biscoff cookie crumble and biscoff drizzle. Of course, covered in that same insane buttercream and topped with all of the biscoff fixings. Truly a crowd FAVE.


If you love oreo - this is your cake. The yummy oreo cake sponge is in a league of its own, but only gets better once it is filled with the most delicious cookies n' cream buttercream. Covered in the cookies n' cream buttercream, this cutie gets topped with oreos, and the most amazing chocolate ganache drip.



Remember those rainbow Dunkaroos that were everyone's favourite? Well this is them... in cake form! A confetti cake with confetti buttercream and white chocolate graham cracker crumble, creating that classic"Dunkraoo" bite between each layer. Covered in that same confetti buttercream - this is your ultimate childhood snack in cake form.


A rich, decadent chocolate cake - yet still fluffy and oh so moist. The classic of all classics, this chocolate cake is filled with and covered in a delectable chocolate buttercream with a milk chocolate ganache drip to top it all off!



Lemon lovers rejoice! This lemon cake is the perfect combination of smooth and tart. Each layer is filled with a whipped lemon ganache and raspberry jam and the cake is coered in a light, yet rich vanilla bean buttercream!

O R D E R   N O W 

To inquire about pricing / to place an order, please use the link below.            I would absolutely love to create one of these delicious cakes for you! 

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